the planets and stuff.

This is Venus. Venus is an inner planet and is the second planet from the sun. Venus is sometimes called Earth’s sister planet because it is about the same size and made of the same things.

Venus’s atmosphere is mostly made of carbon dioxide. This means that it has a pretty dense atmosphere. The most dense atmosphere in our solar system.

Venus is covered in clouds made of sulphuric acid which makes it look like it is made from gas. But it does have surface, they think that Venus used to have oceans much like Earth does but they evaporated because of the temperature. It is quite close to the sun after all.

Venus in real color, a nearly uniform pale cream. The planet's disk is about three-quarters illuminated. Almost no variation or detail can be seen in the clouds.

Venus’s surface is quite young - for planets - it’s only about 300 - 600 million years old. Venus can’t have earthquakes because the crust is too strong. Maybe we should all go and live there. Except that Venus has a lot of volcanoes.

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